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15 Mar 2014 -
Today we suffered a rollback, were sorry for the problem.
Today we suffered a rollback, were sorry for the problem.
12 Mar 2014 -
Contribuye en el foro del server!
Contribuye en el foro del server!
1 Mar 2014 -
Nuevos Items agregados a la shop!
Nuevos Items agregados a la shop!
26 Feb 2014 -
Nuestro en Foro en linea!
Nuestro en Foro en linea!
5 Oct 2013 -
Shop Offer modificada.
Shop Offer modificada.
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Servidor dedicado 100% estable. Bienvenidos a TibiaMx, diviertanse!. Ayudanos a crecer y reporta cualquier falla para hacer de este servidor el mejor de todos.

IP: - PROTOCOL: 8.6 - PORT: 7171

Ayude al servidor a crecer con sus donaciones Click AQUI
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Most powerfull guilds

Fallen Avenger

1128 kills

Infierno en el Paraiso

800 kills

Old Time

736 kills

Last Side

557 kills
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16 Mar 2014 - Update PVP
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Update 16/03/14

Today we change a little our PVP mode::

We changed the protection level to 50.

Now you only can do sios if you are level 50+ to avoid noobs healing also the same to magic walls.

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15 Mar 2014 - Todays Update
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Update 14/03/14

Todays we made an update:

We added new items in the Shop Offer:

Mount Doll: This mount lasts forever, + speed 150.

Mount Book: This mount book just can be used once and only while your are logged in/ + speed 300 pero solo dura mientras estas logeado.

We added theNPC Chartan.

We duplicated the VIP zones, to go to he new zones just add the word VIP(It has a cost of1000GPS to gt in).

We added the firewalker boots 25 mana and health x second and 90% of fire protection.

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12 Mar 2014 - Update!
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Update TibiaMx

Today we made an update on the server:

  • Loot message fixed.
  • Some doors fixeds.
  • Free addons downstairs VIP boat added.
  • We added firewalker boots.
  • Now you can use potions on target.
  • Top Fragers added to the web.
  • Fixed door bug in depot.

I reminds you that the free points at level 250 finish in 30 days!

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1 Mar 2014 - Free Points
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Free Points!

As you may know points were gave to everyone in the server, now to prevent those who have many accounts and are just waiting to be given the points now to have your free points you have to reach level 250 and you will be awarded with 100 points.

I hope you like this any questions or suggestions send a mail to or write in the forum.


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25 Feb 2014 - TibiaMx Starts
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After several years of being online, our main server was restarted to start from 0.

All players were back to level 8 and with the skills in 10, the bank, home depot were wiped .

All the players were compensated with 100 points account for not starting from 0.

It will be awarding points to the various guilds and players, also the server language will be in English, Portuguese and Spanish for all players to understand him.

The rates remain as follows:

The server starts on February 28th, 2014 2x1 and promotions on donations by Bank / OXXO.


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6 Feb 2014 - TibiaMx 2014
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Update 2014

En esta update se removieron los rebirths por los powerabusers.

Ahora en lugar de borrar a los characters de 90 dias o mas estos seran subastados en la web

Algunos cambios en el servidor:

  • Se repararon todas las quests.
  • Se agregaron quest de RL nuevas.
  • Se cambio el mapa de THAIS.
  • Se hizo mas real el juego con el cambio de spells.

Para cualquier duda o aclaracion a

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17 Dec 2013 - UPDATE
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Update 17/12/13

Se realizo una update que consiste en lo siguiente:

  • Se cambio el push.
  • Se agregaron nuevos items a la Shop Offer.
  • Ya se puede potear otros jugadores.
  • Errores de mapa arreglados.
  • En la semana se agregaran los items que eran VIP al juego como parte de loot.
    Reportes a

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